More than 25 years of Saudi Market. Established as a group of companies and organizations to seek a well-recognized entity in every industry that we believe we can become pioneers. Those vast years of experience have transformed to a strong, competitive, and trusted teams. Our philosophy is simple, we work to satisfy customers, contain costs, improve performance, and achieve results.

Our success are due to group of dedicated, hard-working people who tries to accomplish the extraordinary for our customers.

We know that the best solutions nor organizations cannot exist without business strategy nor commitment to that journey. Thus, we work with you in a true partnering capacity: listening to your concerns, respecting your views, and commit to resolution journey. We also recognize that your organization is dynamic, and that your operations and requirements are constantly changing. Thus, we create the future together.


Being part of the PT group, we always seek for innovative opportunities, innovative blue-ocean thinking, and alternative solutions. Thus, digital age become one of the top most important domain in successful organizations. According to most recent researches, 90% of the most fortune 500 organizations have adopted “digital innovation” in their capabilities.

In Saudi Arabia and Gulf market we see great opportunities in digital space. We anticipate growth of 4.3% annual spending in digital space and a 5.5% growth of Human Resources transformation. This phenomenal rise poses challenges to companies in each industry to provide fast, reliable, innovative and better services. This leads to an inescapable conclusion that the agility of a company to respond to the needs of the market will ultimately determine who will be the leader in the coming years.

PT Business Solutions established for digital innovation and optimize operation to organizations. In addition, PT have always priorities its target based on Customers. Thus, our portfolio of products and services have always changed accordingly. With our emphasis on digital innovation, we bring new ideas, technology and best practices to every dimension of your enterprise. PT Business Solutions will assist you along avenues that will get you where you want to be, when you want to be there — on your own terms. We help you every step of the way with flexible, extensible solutions specific to your situation. The result is an integrated, real-time, end-to-end approach.

Our Vision

Trusted Digital Change and Effectiveness

services and products

PT Business Solutions have strongly established partnership that can drive technology changes and services to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
We are keen and committed:

Processional Services

PT Business Solutions expert consultancy and outsourcing management team has the capability of selecting the right expertise for the right projects. Our technical experts receive the latest in-house trainings in all relevant technologies, which directly translates to our customers’ advantage.

Front e-Channels

We properly develop single front for all customer channel with the proper architecture that is solid and can easily change depends on customer need. One of our key enablement is to provide online capability to our clients.

Mobile Services

We are expert in the entire mobility and mobile services. This is one of our main competitive advantage to our clients. 59% annual growth for mobile apps sales and transactions. Thus, we will continue to enable our customers in mobility domain.

Disability Solutions

One of our pioneer domain is to provide Saudi Arabia with different disability solutions and services. We will continue to work in helping our clients with productivity and effectiveness in every angle we think of.

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